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FORWARD HOUSE provides adults in District 69, mid-Vancouver Island, who have serious and persistent mental health and addiction recovery concerns with support and relevant tools for healthy autonomy and community inclusion.

  • client-centered partnership:  effective partnership ensures active involvement in the recovery process and improves outcomes. Our partners include our clients, their families or caregivers, our volunteers, staff and Board of Directors, post-secondary practicum students in related disciplines, community members, and colleagues in the health, education, social service and justice systems. Every partner has equal input into the development and evaluation of our programs.
  • holistic model of care: diverse, evolving, staff-and client-facilitated activities help meet the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs of our clients in a dynamic community environment. Through positive therapeutic relationships, clients are empowered to recover healthy self esteem and self knowledge, subsequently to reconnect with their community.
  • referral: clients may self-refer. They do not need a doctor’s referral, but providing a medical diagnosis is helpful in the rehabilitation process. Clients do not pay for our services, except for nominal fees for lunches and dinners.
  • accountability and funding: FORWARD HOUSE is a registered charity with CRA and is compliant with our contractual agreement with Island Health,  best practices in Psychosocial Rehabilitation, FOIPPA, WCB and Employment Standards and Public Health. We are supported by core funding from Island Health, and tax relief is afforded by the City of Parksville. We are grateful for generous donations from individual community members and from local and national organizations. Donations of $25 and more are charity receipted. Receipts for lesser amounts will be issued by request.
FORWARD HOUSE has no religious or political affiliation or agenda.

Vision Statement

Forward House leads with humanity and excellence in providing therapeutic supports and developing resources essential to mental wellness



FORWARD HOUSE COMMUNITY SOCIETY recognizes the worth, dignity and ability of every person and the right of each to appropriate holistic supports and opportunities for growth toward self-actualization.

FORWARD HOUSE COMMUNITY SOCIETY recognizes that wellness is a process. Individuals who are empowered with respect, freedom of choice and its consequences, a balance of risk and security, opportunity and continuing non-judgmental support are most likely to thrive in this process.

FORWARD HOUSE COMMUNITY SOCIETY strives to provide a consistently safe, healing and stimulating environment that allows for the development of autonomy and healthy self-esteem through meaningful social interaction and the enhancement of interpersonal, vocational and independent life skills.

FORWARD HOUSE COMMUNITY SOCIETY advocates for persons who have mental health issues, which may include addiction recovery issues, to help minimize their marginalization

“Forward House helped make me the person I am today.”
(FH client)